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"negativist creed, soaked in Black Metal traditions"


The project named Stoneblood was born with the death of P. (chief of Paragon Zero) who passed away at a young age in 2021. His unpublished lyrics were collected by longtime spiritual brother Gravel. Upon recognizing this legacy, he recruited his fellow bandmates from rock band Junkies to record the songs as a memorial for their late friend and stage-tech.

Stoneblood was formed for this tragic, yet noble purpose. Their music, rooted in 90s melodic Black Metal traditions, is an accompaniment for the words left behind, reflecting negativism, mysticism and darkness.

Viktor Keresztes - drums
Attila Barbaro - bass
Gravel Shores - vocals, guitars
Andras Szekeres - clean vocals, acoustic guitar
Stoneblood band


"Shrines of Morbid Indignity" full album audio stream:


Stoneblood - Shrines of Morbid Indignity (front cover)

Shrines of Morbid Indignity (full-length)

released on 15 December 2022 via Records
CD | tape (spring 2023) | digital



1. Chant of the Outside
2. Scars Bleeding Fire
3. Everlasting Breath
4. Dive and Divide
5. Second Moon
6. Downfall Distress
7. Inner Devil
8. Rise of the Titans
9. Weeping Hollowness
10. Crown of Ravishment
11. The Sign of Evil Royalty
12. Tortured by Disingenuous Light – The Seventh Shrine
13. Alexander

Stoneblood - Second Moon (front cover)

Dive and Divide (single)

released on 2 December 2022 via Records
digital only

Stoneblood - Dive and Divide (front cover)

Dive and Divide (single)

released on 25 November 2022
digital only

Stoneblood - Everlasting Breath (front cover)

Everlasting Breath (single)

released on 18 November 2022
digital only


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